What’s ABBALab?

ABBALab is a seed accelerator based in Akihabara Tokyo JAPAN, supporting motivated start-up teams who want to make hardware and services in the Internet of Things. ABBALab stands for “Atom to Bit, Bit to Atom” and as the pendulum logo represents it expresses the movement of data (bit) between things (atom) - the Internet of Things.

ABBALab’s “near futuristic manufacturing”

ABBALab provides various supports from the early phase of “Prototyping” to the phase of “Development for Optimized Production” to the start-up teams who have wonderful ideas and plans with the Internet of Things hardware and services. The teams are encouraged to fine tune the concept prototype into feasible prototype, then asked to challenge the market through crowd funding and further proceed to optimized production if results are good. “Go to ABBALab’s support program”

ABBALab’s way of IoT

ABBALab’s focus is in IoT in the hardware making. IoT is not just about connecting things to the internet. It’s the environmental aspects and status of things that are censored through devices and brought onto the internet, for example censing the changes of symptom of your body or your natural behavior, that could bring a better solution or more fun way of living. We believe that bringing the internet outside of smartphones and computers will re-invent the hardware and services.

IoT hardware and services that ABBALab seeks for

We have categorized into Internet, Device and Things so to differentiate the “aspects” and “hardware”, and classified into Input, Logic and Output to show the transition of values. The start-up teams who wish to participate to ABBALab’s acceleration program will be asked to fill out this matrix attractively. Following points will also be considered for the assessment;

  1. Are censing of behavior, changes of physical symptoms or environmental aspects are considered more than manipulation of the device?
  2. What is the logic that brings new value to the censored data?
  3. What is the logic that brings new value to the censored data?
  4. Can the team plan/design censing and feedback devices.
  5. Is the data storage and utilization considered via connection of the device to the internet.
abbalab iot matrix

ABBALab’s support program

ABBALab provides investment, know-hows and facilities. Based on valuation of 30 million Yen to 50 million Yen, ABBALab will invest 3 million yen up to 10 million yen for prototype phase. If teams are successful, follow-on investment will be provided starting 5 million yen up to a total of 100 million yen per team to support optimized production. The teams are asked to demonstrate prototypes and share outputs from time to time. (more info

Company info

Company name ABBALab inc.
Company address 【Office】
 Fuji Soft Building 12F (DMM.make AKIBA), 3 Kandaneribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0022, JAPAN (MAP)
【Design Studio】
 6F, 12-6, Showamachi, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, 920-0856, JAPAN
CEO Osamu Ogasahara
Contact hello @abbalab.com
What we do General Partner of ABBALab IoE Fund#1 Investment Limited Partnership, investment and support to start-ups, planning and management of shared office.


Osamu Ogasahara

Niki Agata

Toshi Kamei

Hiroki Ueshima

Yuma Ito

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